2014 Service

Sign up for service prior to March 31st and receive a $25 credit towards shrub trimming or core aeration!  

We offer two convenient plans for recurring lawn care services to serve our clients.

Seasonal Lawn Care Plan:

This plan starts the first week of March and ends the last week of September 2014. Billing will be once per month March-September. Minimum of two mowing services per month (every two weeks) to upkeep your lawn.  Shrub trimming can be quoted  and added to this plan.  Other services will be due at the time they are performed.


Full Year Lawn Care:

This plan adds a minimum of one visit per month during the off season months to maintain the appearance of the lawn. The total cost of the year is averaged over 12 monthly payments making the payments much lower than the seasonal plan. If your lawn requires weekly mowing service this plan is for you! Also, you may include shrub trimming and leaf clean up into the plan just let us know at the time of the estimate and we can include that as well.  This is most economical and popular plan as the monthly payments are typically lower than the seasonal payments.


“Get to Know You”

Not ready to commit to a service plan for your lawn? Do you just want to try us out?  That is OK.  We offer a “Get to know you service” one time to see what Lawn Vets service is all about. No obligation at all!


Call us at 706-755-6612 to schedule an estimate for service!