We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Services Offered

Mowing Service - This includes mowing your yard, string trimming the edges and perimeter, edging the concrete borders and blowing all grass clippings off concrete surfaces to give your yard a professional manicured look. We only use professional grade Walker and Exmark mowers.

Landscape Maintenance - We offer all facets of landscape maintenance. From a simple weed pulling, edging, cleaning out of dead plants, old pine straw or mulch we can provide the hard work and expertise to refresh your home landscape to better than new!

Core Aeration - Core aeration or “plug” style aeration is an important part of growing healthy grass. The benefits of aeration are: Reduction of soil compaction from heavy traffic areas, Improved absorption of fertilizer and weed control products, enhanced air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, improved water absorption and majorly reduces water run off, helps break down the thatch layer without harming the turf, improves drought and excessive heat tolerances of the turf, promotes stronger root development and stimulates growth and health of your lawn.

Pine Straw Installation - Pine straw is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood mulch. We use fresh long needle pine straw to give your landscape a new “glow”. Benefits of pine straw include: Excellent erosion control for especially hilly or steep landscapes. Pine straw deters weed growth and are high in nitrogen content and acts as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

Mulch Installation - We offer 12 differnet varieties and colors of mulch. Red, Dark brown, Natural (not dyed) and double ground to name a few. Pine bark is also available. Mulch service includes a dressed bed edge and removal of old mulch if the client desires.

Shrub Trimming, Shaping and Pruning - We offer pruning, shaping and trimming of shrubs in your landscape. Formal style trimming is available as well.

Professional Plant Installation - Lawn Vets LLC is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to purchase plants from wholesale growers and local nurseries. Local nurseries offer a superior product at competitive prices. Our expertise will help you select the proper plants for your landscape and growing conditions. Landscape design fees vary in cost and is all based on how complex of a design you desire.

Weed Control and Fertilizer Treatment - We offer professional weed control solutions for your lawn. Our goal is to give you the best looking yard on the street and we have the products and knowledge to apply to your specific weed problems. Not all weeds require the same treatments and it takes a expert to identify your weeds and how to make them go away leaving you a beautiful and healthy lawn for your family to enjoy. Fertilizer treatments are integrated into our weed control program. Call or email today for a free estimate for fertilizer and weed control application.

Fall/Spring Clean ups - Are you ready to refresh your landscape with a complete clean out? Are the leaves accumulating in your lawn and landscape areas? Maybe you want to clean out a past neglected area of your yard. No job is too big or small or too gnarly for us to tackle. Rejuvenation is our passion. Let us do the dirty work and make your yard beautiful again!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. LawnVetsLLC@gmail.com or (706)-755-6612